Are you considering a firearm purchase? If the answer is yes, you need this course!
You must successfully complete the Canadian Firearms Safety Course (CFSC) to be eligible to receive your Possession and Acquisition License (PAL), or "firearms license". Once you receive your PAL you can legally purchase and own new or used non-restricted firearm(s), and ammunition.
Katie's Firearm Safety & Shooting Lessons
Katie Jones

Katie's Firearm Safety & Shooting Lessons

I have grown up around firearms my entire life, and safety first was always a staple in the household. Growing up on a farm, protecting our livestock was required to keep food on our table. Firearm safety wasn’t just a necessity it was a way of life. As my family got older, we realized shooting could also just be a fun hobby with actual competitions! My business hopes to bring more safe and legal firearm owners in the world, wether you need it for protecting your livelihood, putting food on your table or just for sporting purposes.

Happy Client Testimonials

I took my RPAL and PAL with Katie and it was so well organized and straight to the point! I really enjoyed taking part in these lessons. All in all would definitely recommend anyone that hasn't got theses courses this is the place for you!

Drew Johnson

Just completed NON Restricted and Restricted and Hunter Safety class! Was a very enjoyable and well put class! would recommend this class for anyone/ everyone even if your nervous, it's very well instructed.

Richard Stickles

I took both may non restricted and restricted with Katie, awesome teacher. Very fast efficient while teaching class and also for the test and practicum. She is full of information, and tries very hard to make sure everyone understands. Overall 10/10 very nice pers.on easy to talk to.

Derek Barron

The courses Katie offers are top notch. Took both the NR Pa and the Restricted and I have to say it was a piece of cake. Katie explains every1hing is great detail and is very approachable and helpful if you have any struggles along the way. Highly recommended.

Deena Olesk

Class was very informative and the teacher answered every question we had, even some that weren't in the work booklets. They do great work so sign up quickly because the classes fill up fast.

Cody McNabb

She was a very good instructor she answered everyone's questions at the time they were asked I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to take the firearm safety course or PAL course.

Gracyn Melsted

This includes breaks, lunch, instruction, and testing. If you test first you could be out at 7pm, if you test last you could be out closer to 9pm. Tardiness will not be tolerated, if you are running a few minutes late and notify us we will wait. Otherwise, once class starts you will not be allowed to attend, and no refund offered.